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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Semi-Finals

No winners this round.

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Top 10 Tippers
1st Hamley, Bryan 240
2nd Henderson, Sue 234
3rd Barwick, Adam 234
4th Hill, Christopher 234
5th Wilson, Marney 234
6th Austin, David 232
7th Martin, Jason 232
8th Tarrant, John 232
9th McVeigh, Holly 232
10th Gillings, Judy 228

Bottom 10 Tippers
302nd Stokes, Abbie 30
302nd Swyny, Kristy 30
302nd Szwedyc, shane 30
302nd Thornton-Shaw, Caleb 30
302nd Wall, Kieran 30
302nd Wanless, Vicky 30
302nd westaby, john 30
302nd Wilkinson, Lisa 30
302nd Williams, Dan 30
302nd Williams, Keri 30

Results for Games in Round 21
Lions   v Canturbury Crusaders