TD 2019 Super Rugby

Competition Summary

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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Final

No winners this round.

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Top 10 Tippers
1st BLOYD, JAMIE 199
2nd Collins, Sarah 195
3rd Michels, Ilana 189
4th Dean, Claire 189
5th Kirk, Robert 187
6th Wilson, Marney 187
7th venn, Colin 187
8th Donovan, Sam 187
9th West, Mark 187
10th de Haan, Edward 185

Bottom 10 Tippers
276th Thomas, Allicia 10
276th Thomson, Brett 10
276th Turnbull, Cameron 10
276th Van Der Merwe, Warrick 10
276th vanderHout, Sabrina 10
276th Wilson, Nikita 10
276th Wilson, Trevor 10
276th Wright, Ashley 10
276th Wykes, Natalie 10
276th Yoon, Dennis 10

Results for Games in Round 21
Canterbury Crusaders 19 defeated Jaguares 3